The Surf School

Packages for all levels and for all budgets!

To share our philosophy and vision around the surf, through its surf school affiliated with the Royal Moroccan Federation of Surfing and Bodyboarding and the Association of Professional Schools of surf Souss, Free Surf Maroc has designed and implemented packages for you, for all levels and all budgets, and so respond better to your expectations.

You have the option of choosing a pack according to your desires among those that we have developed for you and that matches exactly to your needs with appropriate means to learn, evolve or improve on the best spots in the region, and this, throughout the year.

School side

CHILDREN, ADULTS, ASSOCIATIONS or BUSINESS COMMITTEES, you want to learn or improve yourself in SURF, BODYBOARD or STAND UP PADDLE? Our SURF SCHOOL welcomes you all year in his surf camp located at only 10 minutes’ walk from the first spots.

A quality service given by our qualified instructors, with more than 10 years of experience and perfect knowledge of the region and its best spots, will be more than pleased to, teach you how to surf, to share our passion of surfing and discover a rich environment in a typical and authentic atmosphere. A staff responsible for the organization and available, as well as advice of Tom Frager during his visits several times a year, will allow you to progress quickly. Packages for all levels and for all budgets!

The organization of the stay and the surf sessions at Free Surf Maroc :

    • Our groups are organized and constituted about 8 people, of similar technical level. So the vigilance of the monitor is increased and therefore his hints, targeted and personalized.
    • Our sessions last 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. When conditions are ideal, sessions can be +/- long, depending on weather conditions.
    • We use multimedia supports during debriefings of your surfing sessions this from photos and videos taken by your monitors, which are crucial to your rate of progress, technical and mental preparation.
    • We develop our own concept by combining the practice of Skateboard, Longboard and the Carve-Board to our surf lessons. Ideal for progress and work your trajectories, maneuvers, positions and the fluidity of your turn, to allow you to multiply the feelings and improve your technical background.

Equipment side

Our SURF SCHOOL has its own equipment and provides surfboards and wetsuits in different sizes for all levels and quality equipment partly renewed every year.

    • We have, for beginners, soft boards “Softech”, “FCS” and “Softboards” adapts to all sizes.
    • Depending on your progress and for interim, we have more rigid and scalable boards of type “M.O.S “Epoxy or resin.
    • For advanced searching for more sensation and performance, our boards quiver is very complete, used by good surfeurs (thruster, single, etc.).
    • For those who prefer a more complete slide, cardio and toning, we have Paddle Board.
    • Available in our quiver of boards: Shortboard, Evolutive-Hybrid, Mini Malibu, Fish, Longboard, Gun, Stand-Up Paddle and Bodyboard.
    • For small repairs, we have for you the “Shape Workshop “, a place with material (resin, fiber, plugs, etc.); make sure to never miss a surf session because of broken board.
    • We use shorty combinations and integrals made by QuikSilver, Rip Curl, Billabong and this in 3/2 and 4/3.


Free Surf Maroc created for you a set of conditions to satisfy the Free Surfer in you, improve your learning skills and have fun on the best Moroccan waves that are waiting for you !

Beach breaks, reef, rocky slab of Imsouane to Tifnit, through Killer Mystery or Anchor Point, you can surf world class waves !                                                                                                                                                              

So through the use of media platforms, to analyze your sessions, recommendations of our teachers, and Tom FRAGER, the combination of technical skate addition, the “shape workshop”, the new equipment for all levels, an excellent accommodation and a staff ready to set the mood, we assure you a memorable stay.


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