What languages are spoken in Morocco ?

The official language in Morocco is Arabic. However, most of Moroccans speak very good French. In Tamraght, as every other small surrounding village, people are Berber. They speak their own dialects as well as Arabic, French, English and sometimes Russian or German.

Free Surf Maroc staff speak French, English, Arabic and Russian.

Do I have to change the hour on my watch ?

Yes, Morocco is on the Casablanca time zone. So here we have one hour less than in France. For example, if it is 9 am in France, it will be 8 am in Morocco.

What voltage and plugs do you use?

Morocco is on 220 volts with two-pin round plugs.

Can I drink tap water?

Tap water is not drinkable, we advise you not to drink it. In the camp we offer you bottled water.

Do you have internet access ? Do I need to pay for it ?

Free Surf Maroc supplies you free internet access in the building.  You will be given the password on request.

What kind of shops and services can we find in Tamraght and its surrounding ?

In the village, you’ll find some small restaurants, many small drugstores, fish and chicken shops, but also a pharmacy as well as an excellent board shaper.

In Taghazout and Aourir (5min drive by car/taxi/bus) you’ll find cash point, other restaurants and pharmacies and also many surf shops and shops for small souvenirs.

What can I do in Agadir?

Agadir is around 20 min drive away from the surf camp. You’ll enjoy every big cities facilities such as banks, hospitals, big supermarkets, shopping streets, many restaurants (of Japanese, Indian, European and also Moroccan cuisine), bars and nights clubs.

Do I need an insurance?

We advise all our clients to subscribe an insurance for their trip and in case of need, before joining us. Talk about this with your insurance counselor, and if you don’t have any insurance for damages caused to your own person, you can subscribe one directly at the surf camp for a cost of 10€ for a year.

Free Surf Maroc is not responsible for any possible loose or steal of personal goods.

Furthermore, Free Surf Maroc insurance covers you for any damages caused to another person than you, but if you get injured by your own this is on your own insurance.

Do you offer insurance covering rent material damages?


For material renting, we ask you to be careful as it is under your responsibility. For any accidents, damages or breakages we can ask you to pay repair fee.

How to travel from Marrakech to Agadir?

If you’re coming from or lending in Marrakech you have many possibilities to join Agadir.

By plane: Royal Air Maroc offer regular flights between the two cities.

By bus: CTM and Supratour companies (those we advise you to take) offer regular and daily trip between the two cities for a cost around 10 € (105Dirhams).

By car: you can also rent a car to join Agadir, but the cheapest way is to take the bus.

My friend doesn’t surf, what can he/she do?

If you don’t surf, you can come to the beach with the group to enjoy sun or have a walk. You can also see our extras such as: massage, hammam, yoga, horse or camel riding, quad, jet-ski, etc. You will be offered many activities at your arrival.

Can I come alone, with friend, with my children?

Of course you can come alone, you’ll meet many other people at the surf camp. You can come with your friend to share a great moment or in family with your children as well .

Children under 13 years old enjoy a 15% discount on Free Surf School and Free Surf House packs.

We can also provide you nanny services for 20€/ day, 10€/half-day.

Do you offer board renting? Which kind of boards do you have?

We offer many boards for renting and a large range of swimsuit sizes.

We have different kinds of boards: shortboard, fish, funboard and longboard; the sizes available are from 5’10 to 9’0.

Can I have access to surf spots by feet from the surf camp ?

We’ll get the first surf spots at 10 minutes on foot from the surf camp as crocro, devil’s rock, banana and KM17 as we are located in the middle of all the best spots.

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