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I fell in love with this region of Morocco, at the occasion of my visit for a concert in Agadir.

It was during this first trip by Taghazout side that I met Ahmed who had been working there since many years.

He had as a project to set up a surf camp which would be “different” from those that are already in the region. The idea is to be closer to the people we receive, to be a true “home inn” where we had meetings, as we receive people from all over the world, and with whom, in the evening, we sit around a table to share a “Tagine”.

We also wanted to develop a professional service in terms of surf school, so that everyone can be filmed and leave with advice and memories in pictures. And “Free Surf Morocco” was born. Subsequently, Christophe my manager and best friend, and Jimy, Ahmed’s best friend came to complete the team in this nice adventure.


My best memories of surfing, are many, because the waves are regular and offer beautiful sessions. I have a special affection for the spot known as “Killer Point.” Long hollow, right, tense and remind me of the coral reefs of the islands.

But whether it is at “La pointe” or “Mystery” or at all the spots on the coast … There’s always beautiful permanent surfing for surfers and for those who are at the stage of learning !

The climate is exceptional, and when it freezes in Europe, in 3 hours flight you find yourself in the sun in a water that is almost 10 degrees warmer, with more than 300 sunny days a year. This is the ideal escape from winter to the sun for  super affordable prices !

When I come to surf camp, it is always a pleasure to meet stagiaires, to share their surf experiences and to provide them with some tips to boost their progression. I take the time to go into the water with them, and when we look at the pictures in the evening on the big screen, everyone can make a comment and it is in an atmosphere of fun and friendliness that we are debating the waves surfed in the day !

It is not uncommon to finish the evening with a little good “Jam Session” with surf camp guitars. Some local Moroccan friends who sing or play the guitar, sometimes come to make a good mood! And when the present people know a little my music, it is with pleasure that I sing some songs from my repertoire. What pleases me most of all is when we are French, Moroccan, Belgian, German, Guadeloupeans, Reunions, Spanish, etc. around the same table and we sing a good  Bob Marley classic together …

The philosophy of “Free Surf Maroc” is at the image of a mixed and open world to others. Differences teach us more than similarities, and there I learn everyday in contact with these people from everywhere !





Express biography of Tom Frager

Tom Frager, is known to be one of the most successful riders of his generation but he is also an accomplished musician:

His second album Better Days, released in 2009, sold over 150,000 copies by the success of the single “Lady Melody“, the most diffused song on French radios and televisions in 2009 and 2010 and sold up to over 300,000 copies.

Tom follows it up his concerts and tours in France, Switzerland, Australia, Ivory Coast, Senegal, New Caledonia, Reunion, Guadeloupe, Mauritius…

After a childhood spent in Africa between Dakar, in Senegal and Bamako, in Mali, it’s in Guadeloupe that Tom has developed his passion for surfing.

With its unique style, Tom joined France Surf team with a good track record:

    • Member of the France team Surfing from 1993 to 1998
    • 10 times champion of Guadeloupe from 1990 to 2001
    • 3 times champion Antilles / Guyane all categories in 1994, 96, 97
    • Vice Champion of France 1993, 1994
    • 3rd in the 1994 European Championship
    • 3rd in the championship of France 1995
    • Finalist of the 1995 Pan American Cup
    • Finalist in the Professional European Championship (EPSA) 1997
    • Team Captain European Champion Tag Team 1997


But also numerous covers of magazines: Surf Session, Surf Trip, Surf Saga …, topics, articles & interviews: Eurosport, Extreme Chanel, LCI, France Ô, movies & surf videos: Caribbean Riddim 1 & 2, Costa Rica Riddim , Surfez Mieux , Surf Session Tour …

Tom is one of the iconic ambassadors of Quiksilver Foundation he particularly supports the Forest Heart association that works every day to protect the water.

“In my opinion, surfing and ecology are inseparable. Respect the ocean is the basis of surfing. [...] For us, it is a way of life … almost a philosophy…”

Tom FRAGER is also on the initiative of SURFERS FOR AFRICA project and meet on his song “Far Nio” the biggest names in surfing and sliding to raise money to help the village of Anambé in southern Senegal’s Casamance.


Across the world, they responded to the call of Tom and lent their voices to the cause:

France: Tom Frager, Jeremy Flores, Dimitri Ouvret, Lee Ann Curren, Justine Mauvin, Peyo Lizarazu, Lacomare, Mathieu Crepel,

Tahiti: Alain Riou

Brazil: Patrick Beven

Australia: Stephanie Gilmore, Tom Carroll

South Africa: Travis Logie

Basque Country: Aritz Aranburu

Hawaii: Fred Patachia, Robby Naish

Usa: Lisa Andersen

Uk: Charlotte O’Connor, Candice O ‘donnell

A video of Stephanie Gilmore speaking of Surfers For Africa project

Travel, ecology, friendships… From the art of living in harmony with nature will flow most of the songs of his three albums: Bloom Inside in 2005, Better Days in 2009 and Carnet de Route in 2013 which included a duet with Tiken Jah Fakoly, the heir the most radical of Marley.

An authentic and engaged artist.

Find or see the complete discography of Tom Frager on iTunes and Deezer



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